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Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Monitoring in the Hudson Valley

Monitor Your Second Home Using Remote Management Services

Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Monitoring in the Hudson Valley

There is more to a smart home installation than simply adding the hardware, system components and integrating all of the devices. After everything is set in place, maintenance, service, and remote monitoring is the key to ensuring your investment is taken care of. Just as you would do regular maintenance on an automobile, you need a plan to upkeep your smart home. Continue reading to learn more about our smart home services in the Hudson Valley for maintenance and remote management

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Can Lighting and Shading Control Impact Your Wellbeing?

Improve Productivity and Health with Lighting Automation

Can Lighting and Shading Control Impact Your Wellbeing?

Lighting and shading control isn’t usually the first thing you think of when asked about ways to improve your wellbeing, but it can have a significant effect on your mood and health. A study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend almost 90% of their time indoors, which almost guarantees they aren’t making the most of the health benefits of natural lighting. Particularly for homes up north in the Saratoga Springs, New York area when sunlight isn’t as plentiful, lighting and shading control is an easy way to ensure that your residence has ample lighting in every room. Keep reading to learn how a lighting and shading control system from Ambiance Systems can have an impact in your home.

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How to Improve Guest Experiences with Commercial Automation

Enhance Your Hotel and Hospitality with Professional Technology

How to Improve Guest Experiences with Commercial Automation

According to an amenities survey performed by in 2015, free Wi-Fi is the number-one factor in choosing a hotel for 25 percent of travelers, and 49 percent for business travelers specifically. With many hotels offering free Wi-Fi today, how are you going to stand out amongst the competition? More hotels are adopting the latest technology to draw in guests and even cut costs on operational expenses so that more money can be invested in expanding the brand.

In an article on the website, Lisa Terry reports that 54 percent of hotels will invest in technology this year, like guest room technology, mobile engagement, and payment security. If you are going to set aside capital to add new technology to your hotel, which solutions will yield the greatest return on your investment? We are here to help you invest in the areas that matter most to travelers. Continue reading to discover ideas on how to use commercial automation in your business in the area of Clifton Park, New York and the surrounding capital region.

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Luxury Home and Office Crestron Touchscreens For Quick and Easy Control

Automation Systems Installed in Woodstock, Windham, Stratton, and Manchester

Luxury Home and Office Crestron Touchscreens For Quick and Easy Control

For decades Ambiance Systems has been a proud partner with Crestron and has successfully installed Crestron systems in places like Woodstock and Windham New York, in the Berkshires and Catskills, to Manchester and Stowe Vermont, and the surrounding areas of Rutland and Bennington Counties.  Crestron manufactures state of the art home automation and business automation technology.  They have evolved from a pioneer in audio/video and home control systems into a world-class enterprise management company providing solutions to a broad spectrum of organizations.  Their goal is similar to ours:  working hard to provide simplicity and efficiency in our clients’ everyday lives, including both the home and the office.  Electronic systems integration is what we do best, and Crestron’s new multi-purpose touchscreen helps us deliver just that.  Crestron’s new TSW-1052 is not only beautiful and sleek but it delivers the ultimate touchscreen experience; it is fully customizable with easy-to-use controls and icons, real-time status display, live streaming video, and voice recognition.

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