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Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Monitoring in the Hudson Valley

Monitor Your Second Home Using Remote Management Services

Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Monitoring in the Hudson Valley

There is more to a smart home installation than simply adding the hardware, system components and integrating all of the devices. After everything is set in place, maintenance, service, and remote monitoring is the key to ensuring your investment is taken care of. Just as you would do regular maintenance on an automobile, you need a plan to upkeep your smart home. Continue reading to learn more about our smart home services in the Hudson Valley for maintenance and remote management

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What is remote monitoring and remote management?

Today, we have incredible technologies that give you the ability to monitor, address, and fix problems without even being in the room physically. When it comes to complex systems, many times we are able to access and fix issues remotely. However, not every integrator has the exclusive technologies to do it. Ambiance Systems is able to service your smart home, whether it’s in the Catskills of New York or in your second home in Saratoga Springs. We know many families have multiple homes in the U.S., so using a remote monitoring system allows our team to service every property you own, not just the local ones to the Hudson Valley area. We are very loyal to our customers and offer personalized service so that you don’t have to turn to other integrators for your different homes.

Here’s the way it works: our technicians use proprietary technology to actively monitor all your smart home components to track down problems, come up with solutions, and install any necessary upgrades. Our system monitoring tools let us find and address problems before they wreak havoc on your system.

We have invested in the top monitoring equipment so we can sign into your system to remotely monitor and manage your components and network connection. This proactive approach will save you money by limiting the amount of service calls and expediting those that do need to take place. Ambiance System also monitors your vacation home, or weekend home, when there are thunder and lightning storms.

You’ve invested so much into your home’s technology, so why not invest in its future? Our system monitoring solutions are there for you 24/7 to ensure your system is optimized, reliable, and ready to thrive for years to come.


In order to keep your smart home is good condition, we perform routine maintenance, including firmware upgrades, annual cleaning, and battery checks and parts replacement. When you sign a maintenance contract with us, you have priority service appointments, discounted replacement parts (along with discounted labor for service) and the ability to budget out a comfortable amount monthly, or yearly. It is important to remember that in the end, it costs less to proactively take care of your smart home system, rather than reactively.

Service and Support

Not only does our team remotely service your smart home, but we also include as-built documentation when you sign off on the project. Our goal is to make every client a client for life. By issuing you as-built documentation, we ensure that the investment you have made is well-protected and can be serviced for life with accuracy. Once your project is finished, we offer a maintenance package, plus we honor all manufacturer warranties.

If you are interested in purchasing a smart home system or need a maintenance package with service and support plans, just fill out this online form.

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