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Can Lighting and Shading Control Impact Your Wellbeing?

Improve Productivity and Health with Lighting Automation

Can Lighting and Shading Control Impact Your Wellbeing?

Lighting and shading control isn’t usually the first thing you think of when asked about ways to improve your wellbeing, but it can have a significant effect on your mood and health. A study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend almost 90% of their time indoors, which almost guarantees they aren’t making the most of the health benefits of natural lighting. Particularly for homes up north in the Saratoga Springs, New York area when sunlight isn’t as plentiful, lighting and shading control is an easy way to ensure that your residence has ample lighting in every room. Keep reading to learn how a lighting and shading control system from Ambiance Systems can have an impact in your home.

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Boost Your Productivity

Natural light is well known to have an effect on moods and productivity levels. When rooms are bright and sunny, you’re more likely to get up and be active. Use your lighting and shading control system to prepare yourself for a productive and happy day by using timers to raise the shades in the morning. Later in the day, light sensors can detect when there is enough sunlight in the room and dim your artificial lights to save energy. If you have a hard time seeing your computer or TV screen due to glare, you can easily lower your solar shades using a handy remote or mobile device. This intelligent lighting and shading control system works together to create the perfect setting in each room of your home.

Increase Vitamin D

Vitamin D, a vitamin known for many health benefits including avoiding osteoporosis, is gained primarily from exposure to sunlight. Between 40-75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D, likely due to lack of access to plentiful sunlight. Opening the shades and letting in sunlight to boost health isn’t usually top of mind for most people, especially when that process is entirely manual.  Because it’s quicker and easier, artificial light is used instead. By automating the process of opening shades every morning, you can increase your body’s exposure to sunlight without any extra thought or effort on your part.

Combat Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder

We may be enjoying the summer sunlight now, but it won’t be long before the winter months turn everything grey. Believed to affect as many as 10 million Americans, SAD can considerably impact quality of life. The best known treatment for SAD is light therapy, which can be achieved effectively through lighting and shading control. Now is the perfect time to prepare for the loss of sunlight by investing in a lighting and shading control system.

Lighting and shading control is about more than just brightening your spaces. We can design your control system to meet all of your unique needs, whether you need more Vitamin D this summer or additional light in the winter to keep your spirits up.

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