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How to Save Energy with Your Saratoga Springs Smart Home

Use an Energy Management System to Impact Your Environment

How to Save Energy with Your Saratoga Springs Smart Home

Monitoring and managing your New York home’s energy is not a novel idea; most power companies give you stats and monthly – even hourly – analysis as well as tips to make improvements. New gadgets like the smart thermostat Nest have made it easier for families to control how much electricity they use. While Nest is an incredible piece of technology, if you want to further your effort of saving energy, you can work with a local integrator in Saratoga County like us. Statistics show that most people adopt smart home automation because they want added security and convenience, but another top reason is saving energy. It may seem counterintuitive to invest in devices and technologies that use a decent amount of power, but with the right energy management system and strategy, the investment will pay off big time. Keep reading this blog to learn how our unique, proprietary energy management technology can help your family save energy, time, and the environment. 

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Luxury Home and Office Crestron Touchscreens For Quick and Easy Control

Automation Systems Installed in Woodstock, Windham, Stratton, and Manchester

Luxury Home and Office Crestron Touchscreens For Quick and Easy Control

For decades Ambiance Systems has been a proud partner with Crestron and has successfully installed Crestron systems in places like Woodstock and Windham New York, in the Berkshires and Catskills, to Manchester and Stowe Vermont, and the surrounding areas of Rutland and Bennington Counties.  Crestron manufactures state of the art home automation and business automation technology.  They have evolved from a pioneer in audio/video and home control systems into a world-class enterprise management company providing solutions to a broad spectrum of organizations.  Their goal is similar to ours:  working hard to provide simplicity and efficiency in our clients’ everyday lives, including both the home and the office.  Electronic systems integration is what we do best, and Crestron’s new multi-purpose touchscreen helps us deliver just that.  Crestron’s new TSW-1052 is not only beautiful and sleek but it delivers the ultimate touchscreen experience; it is fully customizable with easy-to-use controls and icons, real-time status display, live streaming video, and voice recognition.

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