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Position Your Restaurant for Success with Automation and Audiovisuals

How to Use Commercial Automation in Your Albany Restaurant

Position Your Restaurant for Success with Automation and Audiovisuals

Recently, Fox News reported that Americans are spending more money on dining out than groceries for the first time ever. In March of 2015, sales at restaurants and bars surpassed those at supermarkets since 1992 when the Commerce Department first started collecting data. What this means for restaurant owners is that creating the right environment for guests is more crucial than ever. The competition is fierce, so what are you doing to make your place of business in Albany, New York stand out from the rest? Continue reading to get some ideas on how to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Create the Right Ambiance

Of course you want to make sure you deliver incredible dishes to your patrons, but another major factor when it comes to attracting customers is ambiance. Is your restaurant warm and inviting? Is it creative, exciting, and interesting? The right paint color and wall décor will help set the mood but did you know that lighting is a huge factor as well? You may have picked the right paint color to make them feel relaxed, but the wrong lighting will make it look completely different. Ambiance Systems can install a lighting control system and dimmers to create the perfect ambiance for your guests. For an energizing and social mood, brighten the lights in the afternoon and then lower them in the evening for a fine dining experience. Lowering the lights creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere and it also helps you save money on electric bills. We can even separate different areas in your restaurant so that the bar area can be brighter than the lounge, or the bathrooms lighter than the main dining areas.

Another big benefit of lighting control is helping your business save energy. A smart lighting system combined with motorized shading takes the strain off of HVAC systems and also reduces the need to leave the lights on at a high level all day long. You can also easily adjust the shades at certain times of day with a remote control or mobile device so that the sun doesn’t blind any customers.

Entertain Guests with Quality Audio

The right music can also set the perfect scene for guests to enjoy themselves, but you don’t want the AV equipment to clutter the room or be distracting. We can install speakers in the ceiling and walls so that you don’t even notice them. With a smart system, you can select music stations, streaming services, or custom playlists on a mobile device and then adjust the volume. By creating different zones, you can play different music in every section of the restaurant. Play some fun dance music by the bar and then a more laid back playlist in the dining room. If a guests complains that the music is too loud, you can adjust the volume in that specific area instead of the entire restaurant to make them happy. Add speakers to your outdoor area, and customers will enjoy moving in and out of the bar or restaurant, hearing evenly distributed sound. We have great options for outdoor audio.

Using automation, you can even schedule out your music selection for every day of the week. Time the music to come on when the restaurant opens and then change styles at happy hour.

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