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How Do I Find a Reliable Wireless Network for My New York Home?

Hire a Professional for Faster Internet in Your Capital Region House

How Do I Find a Reliable Wireless Network for My New York Home?

A common issue we encounter with our customers in the Capital Region of New York is an unreliable, or slow, Internet connection. When your network is slow, you can't finish work, enjoy streaming movies or video games, or even control your smart home. Although we can’t control 100% of Internet failures, we can keep those failures at a minimum and maximize the usage and enjoyment of our home’s technological benefits. When you invest in a smart home automation system or whole house audio/video, it's crucial that you hire a local professional to install your network. Keep reading to discover why this is so important and the details of our wireless network services.

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The Network is the Secret Ingredient to a Smart Home

The network is the backbone of a smart home system. It's not an option; it's a requirement. You can't have a connected home without a proper connection. You may wonder, why can't my current Internet Service Provider get the job done? While the equipment supplied by the ISPs, as well as most consumer grade equipment, may supply adequate service for a small home and manage a reasonable amount of devices (like multiple computers, a couple mobile devices, and a few smart TVs), it simply cannot manage and process the needs of the modern active family in a larger custom home.

The truth is that a home theater system or whole house automation system is only as good as the network it runs on. You wouldn’t buy a luxury vehicle and install a cheap engine. The same thing happens when you invest in a high-end system but try to power it with a low-quality network.

If you have experienced slow download speeds, unreliable connection or your electronics don't work consistently, then your network can definitely be improved. Often the problem is an inadequate or poorly set up network, not the devices themselves.

Professional grade networks are the secret to a perfect, professional smart home. They use faster CPUs and memory to process high-bandwidth traffic, like 4K video. They also have traffic management technologies to process multiple connections and advanced thermal management to keep the equipment cool and running properly over long periods of time. They handle both a greater number of devices as well as the intense data packets and network traffic that is required by these types of systems. Lastly, enterprise class systems enable you to truly customize your home.

Our Services

Our team will assess your home by looking at the size and layout of the property, the demands the system will meet based on the smart home products you use on a daily basis, and then create a wireless Internet package and plan. Our services are always customized to meet your specific needs, preferences, and budget limitations. We want you to be able to turn on the lights with your phone, watch endless hours of uninterrupted entertainment, and easily log onto the network at any time without frustration.

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