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Enhance Your Professional Office With Lighting & Shading Control

How to Add Automation Technology to Your New York Business

Enhance Your Professional Office With Lighting & Shading Control

Your surroundings in a professional workplace are very important because they have a direct impact on your day-to-day production. The environment can affect the way you feel, your health and your effectiveness. Shades, lights, cooling or heating, and the color scheme can all make a difference.

Ambiance Systems offers many automated solutions for the professional office in the Clifton Park, New York area, including motorized shades, lighting control, and climate control. You may be surprised by how much of a positive difference our smart solutions make every day.

Environmental Factors in the Workplace

Sunlight can have a direct positive influence on your mood, making you feel happy and energized. Perhaps it’s all that good Vitamin D. But, even though the sun can brighten your mood during the work day, it also has some negative effects. The sun’s rays can create glare on computer screens, making it hard for your team to see images. Many professional offices even turn on their fluorescent lights at full intensity while the space is already being flooded by daylight—wasting valuable electricity. Sunlight can also make your spaces hotter, leaving your staff uncomfortable—ultimately decreasing productivity.

The good news is that today’s technologies give us tools to fix the problems and make our work spaces more enjoyable. Automated lighting and shading systems can be designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs. And when you work with an established professional like Ambiance Systems, your office’s shading and lighting systems can be integrated with other functions – like your thermostat or security system - for additional savings and convenience

Big Savings All Year Round

Both automated shading and lighting can help your business save energy, but combine them together with a climate control system and you can used those saved dollars for important ventures down the road, or improved business operations. What we mean is, these systems end up paying for themselves over time. If you install dimmers, occupancy sensors, motorized shades, and a smart thermostat, - all tied together with a smart control system – you could save a lot of money.

For example, when the sun is high, your system will automatically lower the solar shades to prevent glare on computer screens and block out those hot UV rays, but still allow light in. By allowing some sunlight into the room, you can dim down the artificial lights and save electricity.

Additionally, occupancy sensors turn off your lights whenever a person leaves a room so that energy is never wasted. At the end of the day, managers can easily shut down the office by hitting one button on a mobile device or wall switch. If the cleaning staff works late, they can easily turn on only the lights they need most so that the whole building isn’t lit while they work. Our team can help you come up with a plan to make the most of your smart systems.

Convenience is Key

Ambiance Systems can program shading zones so that everyone in the office can feel comfortable and in control. Each zone can also be adjusted to meet the specific lighting needs of that department or area. Meeting rooms, small offices, and entire buildings have different needs and aren’t relegated to sharing the same systems if working together. Having all the shades in your business work together on one system won’t eliminate personalized control if the needs of a space change throughout the day. Each staff member will be able to easily control the lights and shades at any time, and managers and directors can also quickly access and adjust the system via a mobile device when they’re away from the office. Our goal is not only to help you save energy and money, but to also ensure that these features are easy to use.

Would you like to save more energy, lower business costs, and create a convenient and comfortable work space? Just fill out this online form.

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